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BN-W eNewsletter #53

Posted in: eNews 2005
Dec 20, 2005 - 1:59:34 PM

FALL 2005


[ New York City’s MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is officially on strike today!   Mayor Michael Bloomberg said they’re acting thuggishly!?!]

This is BN-W’s fifth quarterly music monitoring session – Fall 2005.   As with the previous music monitors, it wasn’t necessary to waste hours listening to each individual CD.   We read the lyrics to most of the songs from the Internet using the following Web sites:

(1)                [primarily rap/hip-hop lyrics]

(2)            [all music types]

(3)          [all music types]

(4)              [film/movie soundtracks]


In our Summer 2005 monitor, we provided a link to “The Product” by Marcus A. Parker.   We recently received a copy of his new CD and highly encourage everyone to support this young man in his effort to bring positive insight to us all, but especially to the youth.   The music and personal experiences he shares on this unique CD soundtrack/autobiography will surely be appreciated by many – young and old.   []

Staying on positive music offerings, we’re still feeling Damian Marley’s CD – “Welcome to Jamrock” [] – as we reported in BN-W #49, it’s really atypical, every song sounds different (in a good way!).   Marley did an interview for where it was noted that his album’s success is due to its message that “violence in the ghetto is a direct result of miseducation” and that “right now there is a lack of music out there with substance.”   In discussing one of the album’s songs, “Pimpa’s Paradise,” we quote from the piece as follows:   “When you listen to a lot of songs, they’re talking about ‘pimp this’ and ‘pimp that’ and ‘pimp cup and juice,’ he says.   ‘This is a sad thing.’   By updating ‘Pimpa’s Paradise’ – the original version appeared on Bob Marley’s 1980 album Uprising – he figured youthful listeners would gravitate toward the song because of its title, then understand the reality of pimping on a deeper level through the lyrics, about a woman whose partying ways lead to cocaine addiction and prostitution.”   For the complete interview, click on this link:  

Some other notables are Stevie Wonder (“A Time 2 Love”) [ /]; Earth, Wind & Fire (“Illumination”) []; Kindred (“In This Life Together”) []; Raul Midon (“State of Mind”) [ ]; Anthony Hamilton (“Ain’t Nobody Worryin’”) [ ]; Tracy Chapman (“Where You Live”) [ ]; Floetry (“Flo’Ology”) [ ]; Toni Braxton (“Libra”) [ ]; and LaToya London (“Love & Life”) [ ].

In the rap/hip-hop genre, Public Enemy has a new CD out – “New Whirl Order.”   [] [].   There are a few N-words slipped in, but there’s a message attached (“we went from guys to niggers and queens to bitches”).

As with all of the BN-W’s music monitoring sessions, it continues to be brutally disappointing listening to and/or reading the lyrics for some of the CDs and hearing the self-hatred, which they don’t even recognize, just spewing out with ease from these young people’s mouths.   As we’ve said before, since we’ve been doing BN-W we don’t often buy anything (other than jazz or instrumental music) without reading the lyrics first, listening to the majority of the tracks, and getting a lot of good buzz on the artist.   But this time around we decided to take a chance on the ones above and lucked out overall.   Do we like every single track?   No!   Do we like many of the tracks?   Absolutely yes!   You can put these CDs on shuffle and let them rotate without being concerned about the overkill and senseless N-word usage, misogynistic lyrics, violence, drugs, overemphasis on sex acts (note, not love acts or romantic acts or an intelligent and creative balanced combination of all three – but literally and figuratively sex “acts”), and other such nonexistent lyrical “poetry” we’re offered today.   As with all the monitors, some of the beats may be funky or “slamming,” but so what.   If the lyrics overall aren’t saying much on top of using the N-word excessively (and a bunch of other downright insulting lyrics) – so, in an ode to Stevie, what the fuss.   Before getting to the BN-W monitor, following are some lyrics taken from three of the artists in the top 20 albums as listed in Billboard magazine’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.




[ NOTE:   For this song by Nelly, “Grillz,” we were curious about its meaning since we saw it once on BET.   So these are the lyrics….Impressed?   At least – based on the online lyrics anyway – we should be grateful there is no N-word].

As we’ve stated before, these top Black executives – listed below – in the major record companies have got to stand for more than what’s being put out under their watch.

Sylvia Rhone   
Chief Executive Officer – Motown Records [Universal/Vivendi]
Antonio ( L.A.) Reid
Chairman – Island Def Jam [Universal/Vivendi]

Kevin Liles
Executive VP – Warner Music Group [Warner]

Lisa Ellis
General Manager – Sony Urban Music [Sony/BMG]

Step Johnson
Senior VP – Interscope/Geffen/A&M [Universal/Vivendi]

Shawn Carter
President/CEO – Def Jam Recordings [Universal/Vivendi]

Jermaine Dupri Mauldin
President – Virgin Urban Music [EMI]

We also find it necessary to reference Andre Young (Dr. Dre), Russell Simmons, and Sean Combs because they too have a huge influence on what gets put out to the public.   Where’s the pride, self-esteem, and self-respect from these ten individuals?   Why’ve they let things get so out of hand?

Just as Edgar Bronfman Jr., Lyor Cohen, Sumner Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein), Leslie Moonves, Doug Morris, Clive Davis, and other top entertainment executives who share the same “race”/ethnic/religious background would not slander – or allow others to slander – themselves, as Black executives, you should not want to keep a culture of ignorance escalating amongst your own people just because others make it easy for you to do what they would NEVER do to their own.   African Americans have a lot to be proud of – but our kids (and thus all the other “races” and cultures that always follow them) are being smoothly, slowly, and slickly discouraged from knowing and learning that.   Click on these links for articles on Bronfman Jr., who states his family adopted the “Talmud edict ‘to leave this world a better place than you found it’ as a family motto” and that “it’s always been important to express [this ideal] on as broad a scale as possible and to improve human condition” and his father Bronfman Sr.’s World Jewish Congress affiliation:

Following is a two-part interview that was originally done by with Paul Porter of   Porter says many interesting things about the payola scandal in the music business, including the following:   “It hurts us worse cause we are caught up being forced to listen to the more destructive music, this whole gangster obsession.   It’s basically being controlled by forces outside the community.   Jimmy Iovine [head of Interscope Records] is up in his office fueling [a] lot of this.   He calls people niggers, he’s sitting back saying these niggas are great; the things that this guy is documented as having said are incredible.”   On who’s really getting paid:   “I am looking at these corporations and record labels.   The corporate payola is really what is destroying radio; because of it we have the top three men at Viacom making $52 million each.”

Part 1
Part 2
And following is a PBS Frontline interview with Jimmy Iovine
Music sales continue to sag due to poor quality

Below is BN-W’s quarterly CD monitoring session for Fall 2005, which includes 20 CDs that are from Billboard magazine’s “ Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” ( for the issue date of December 17, 2005.   If you do take a chance and buy some of the CDs below or if you or your kids already have some of them, the same questions still apply – appropriate/inappropriate? necessary/unnecessary? sensible/nonsensical? does it add to or take away from the CD overall? does the N-word have to be used at all? is there a valid reason for doing so? is it mandatory for the CD to be effective? what are the circumstances/situation that necessitate any use of the word? is it just thrown in for humor, insult, fear, crime? are other culturally insulting slang terms used as much as the N-word in the CDs?

CDs :



NONE [0]

LOW – excessive [1+]


Chris Brown

Chris Brown




Juelz Santana

What the Game’s Been Missing!




Mariah Carey

The Emancipation of Mimi




[Soundtrack-50 Cent]

Get Rich or Die Tryin’





The Sound of Revenge




The Black Eyed Peas

Monkey Business




Purple Ribbon All Stars

Big Boi Presents…Got Purp?   Vol II




Keyshia Cole

The Way It Is




Young Jeezy

Let’s Get It:   Thug Motivation 101




Kanye West

Late Registration




Destiny’s Child





















Back II Da Basics

unable to fully monitor because all song lyrics to this album not on  the internet but the lyrics we were able to read did not use the n-word


Alicia Keys





Kirk Franklin






Money Is Still A Major Issue




Three 6 Mafia

Most Known Unknown





Down For Life



We’ve seen India.Arie perform numerous times and recently caught her at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.   She was great as always.   A very proud and confident woman who loves herself and won’t be swayed by the massive advertising we’re regularly bombarded with.   We can look forward to her new album, which is supposed to arrive in March.   In the meantime, however, she co-wrote and sings the title song with Stevie on his new album.   You can also hear her new single “I Am Not My Hair” on her Web site:

Here are some surprise oldie lyrics that are timeless:

And this information is just for anyone who’s curious about Gamble & Huff’s music catalog:


[There is so much information on this topic that we had to split it into two.   Look for Part II shortly.   It will go more in depth on many issues surrounding this odd connection – or is it a disconnection?]

All right, we’re going to let you know up front that we’re not afraid of the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) or threats of so-called anti-Semitism and all that hogwash.   Anybody, any group, and any organization should expect and look for criticism sometimes.   We do ask, however, that if you have anything to add or constructive criticism to share, please do so.   We’re always open to that type of communication.   In Part II, we’ll also have more on the ADL and similar “watchdog” organizations plus some information on the history of the word “Semitic”.   Craig Horowitz, who wrote the piece above on Edgar Bronfman Sr., describes Abe Foxman (ADL’s national director) as “a professional noodge who has been sounding the alarm for more than three decades whenever he senses the slightest whiff of anti-Semitism.”   He also states that “it is true that immediately labeling someone anti-Semitic because he criticizes Israel is a long-standing, often bogus tactic that has been used by Jews to stymie debate.”   Click on this link for the full article 

Back in May 2005 with BN-W #34, we temporarily added a column on “Jewish Derogatory Terms” to see how often terms that slander Jews are used in the films that we monitored.   We monitored 24 films over a six-month period and none used “kike” or any other Jewish derogatory term.   But nine films used “nigger/nigga/niggaz/niggah” (you choose your spelling because they all mean the same thing).   And that was just for six months.   We all know what the music has consisted of for all of the monitorings – N-word usage unrestricted and unlimited!   Whereas when Michael Jackson used “kike,” we all remember what happened with his albums.   But our focus wasn’t on the music.   In fact, neither is the focus strictly on the films.   The focus is on why is such excessive and unnecessary use of the N-word (and all that comes with it, including violence, thuggery, gangsterism, misogyny, etc.) put on international display so easily and, seemingly, much too willingly when it wouldn’t happen with “kike” or “hymie.”   This is where the “disconnect” is happening for us.   So, let’s try to figure this one out together.   Okay?

PBS did a special on Black-Jewish relations and points out that:   “When the Nazis came to power in 1933, they passed the Civil Service Law, calling for the purging of Jews from all government agencies, cultural organizations and state positions.   Jews were segregated to the back of public buses and restricted entrance to restaurants.”   Yet also acknowledges the fact that:   “American History has taught Blacks and Jews two very different lessons.   In the Jewish experience of the U.S., education and hard work eventually pay off and thus the future is full of possibility.   Blacks, however, face a legacy of three and a half centuries of racism on American soil and the irrefutable sense that something more than dedication is required.”   More on this can be found at the following link where the video can also be purchased:  

Blacks and Jews continue to have a lot in common, even with that “disconnect” that seems to be happening.   According to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), race and religion continue to be the biggest hate crimes reported.   In 2004, race-based hate crimes against Blacks continued to be the highest – with 2,731 incidents reported (surely there are many more unreported).   Among anti-religious hate crimes, Jews continued to be the target of the highest number reported at 954 (surely there are many more unreported here as well).   Following is a table with more detailed data:

To get a clear understanding of how much advertisers spend on advertising images to us, we’ve included links to Advertising Age’s 50th Annual 100 Leading National Advertisers publication issue on how much they spent on marketing to us in their goal to get us to spend our money on what they tell us we need or are supposed to have.   Very often it’s effective marketing because we too often not only buy – but also buy into the ideas and images of – what’s marketed to and about us.   The top 100 advertisers in 2004 spent $98.34 billion – almost $100 billion – advertising their products to us.   It’s pretty easy to figure out that if they’re willing to spend that kind of money marketing to us through the onslaught of commercials and advertising that’s directed at us from every angle – television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards (indoor and outdoor), subways, buses, airports, entertainers, models, celebrities, etc., etc., then they must make a huge profit when we respond based on the ads.

The number one advertiser for U.S. ad spending in 2004 was General Motors Corp. at a cost of $3.997 billion.   For BN-W purposes, Time Warner was third ($3.283 billion); Walt Disney Co. was eighth ($2.241 billion); General Electric Co. [majority owner of Universal with Vivendi] was #14 ($1.819 billion); Sony Corp. was #15 ($1.665 billion); Viacom was #26 ($1.207 billion); News Corp was #38 ($890 million); and since we briefly discuss it in this document, DreamWorks SKG was #90 ($380 million).

Our point in showing this information is to put the spotlight on the fact that we’re advertised to from the womb to the tomb.   The effects and powerful impact of intentional and targeted marketing that is steady and consistent with these companies ready – actually foaming at the mouth – to spend billions of dollars in anticipation of what they’ll get in return (profits! a huge ROI [return on investment]!).   Do we need to say more?   We didn’t think so!   [100 Leading Advertisers Supplement]   [Ad Age Fact Pack]

For Part I of this Black-Jewish Relations issue, we’ll just provide a few links that disparage both Blacks and Jews (niggers and kikes) and give some links from various individuals and Web sites about who they think controls the media and what images are getting presented.   The “Who Rules America” report by National Vanguard is clearly a White nationalist organization that hates Blacks too – it’s clear in this piece that it’s all about keeping the White race “pure,” White nationality, and White supremacy.   So, again, we’re just trying to put it all together and make it into something sensible.   If we can do that, then it’ll work for us all.   Because we’ll have a better understanding of what the issues actually are and what the reasoning behind them are as well.

Be sure to scroll down to the end on this link.   The focus is on both Blacks and Jews:  [By the way, we’ve got a couple comebacks for two of the “jokes,” which we’ll put in Part II.]

If you find it necessary, please refer to the Jewish link above ( to double check the names provided in the two pieces below.   You can also hit the Internet if you’d like for quick searches to do any second/third confirmations.   A Web site that’s usually accurate with the basics of corporate executive profiles and company information is .  We encourage you to do your own research.   The two articles are kind of long but they give their perspective and point of view in a very detailed manner.   You will definitely want to learn more and delve deeper.


[bibliography: ]


An addendum to the media link is the fact that Paramount is buying Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks SKG for $1 billion

Link 2

In a Black Electorate ( ) two-part Q&A with Steven Silbiger, who is Jewish and wrote The Jewish Phenomenon, which talks about Jewish success in America.   This is a very interesting interview where he discusses the book’s seven principles of success concept but also how the main press backed off of reviewing or talking about the book because “the subject of Jewish success in America is more controversial than anything else.   Because the idea is that if you publicize Jewish success and the reason for it, then it will bring additional anti-Semitism to the Jewish community.”   He also rightfully states:   “If you are working for a wage and not saving, you really have no power.   In the United States it is all about stored capital.   It is a capitalist country and no matter what discrimination there is the dollar talks and the other walks…”   On Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby: “She owns her own production company….He owned a piece of the action.   So while he was sleeping he was earning money.   And that is the idea of deriving your income and your capital, not by your physical efforts but by the force of your ideas.”   And he acknowledges the ever-present color line issue:   “Where there was discrimination and roadblocks they [Jews] created their own opportunities.   Fortunately, they did not have the barrier of being obviously Jewish because of their skin, like African-Americans do, but the opportunities were created because they pursued areas where the discrimination didn’t exist.”   In Part II of the BN-W Black-Jewish Relations, we’ll have more on the color issue and Jews and their acceptance of the “White” race status.

Part 1

Part 2:

What does this all mean?   We’re trying to figure it out.


BN-W Monitor Coming Soon:  “Freedomland” [Samuel L. Jackson, Julianne Moore]; “Idlewild” [Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton]; “Glory Road” [Derek Luke, Josh Lucas]; “Last Holiday” [Queen Latifah, James Todd Smith]; “Annapolis” [Tyrese Gibson]; “Big Momma’s House 2” [Martin Lawrence]; “Pink Panther” [Steve Martin, Beyonce Knowles]

Also Coming :   Winter 2006 Music Monitor; Spring 2006 Music Monitor; Summer 2006 Music Monitor

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