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BN-W Campaign 2004 (BN-W) – what is it?   Ban The N-Word is a campaign to put an end to the widespread acceptance and use of this insulting, derogatory, degrading, demeaning, malicious, venomous, debilitating, and self-defeating word.   And for the record, a term of “endearment” it is not.   The use of the N-word is a passively slick form of psychological, social, mental, and spiritual abuse.   It’s unfathomable, but many people have actually become immune to hearing the N-word – not good at all!

No – it’s not “OK” or “cool” to use it!   It’s not “OK” for Blacks to use it amongst or at one another and it’s not “cool” for Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Mexicans, and any others to use it as a slang term.   Although the media, hip-hop, some R&B singers, some educators, some professionals, and way too many individuals in all economic backgrounds might mislead you into thinking it’s acceptable, BN-W Campaign 2004 was started to let you know and let it be known that NO, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO USE THE N-WORD.   It’s a word that does nothing to uplift the Black race.   In fact it could be the “passive” reason for this long slump.

Is it acceptable to use any of the following words:   kike, hooknose, wetback, spic, honky, cracker, paleface, peckerwood, blue-eyed devil, dago, wop, greaseball, Guinea, chink, slant-eyes, gook?   You can answer that question yourself and the answer is a resounding NO.   Do you hear the individual groups that these words describe calling themselves these names or anyone outside of these groups calling them these names?   Do you hear or read these terms being used on a regular hourly and daily basis, especially in any prominent way, such as on TV/radio, in songs, in schools, and in neighborhoods within these groups or by others outside of these groups?   Not at all!   No way!!  No how!!   It ain’t gonna happen!!   You ain’t gonna see it, hear it, or read it!!   Why then are some Blacks ignorant (that’s right, IGNORANT) enough to call themselves nigger [FYI, this is one of the very rare occasions when you’ll see this word spelled out from anything BN-W sends or distributes] and other Blacks are ignorant enough to just sit back and let it be said?   Why are other groups using it as a slang term and thinking it makes them socially acceptable within their peer group?   How did it become possible for them to be so bold and not get lambasted by everyone, but particularly by Black people (from children and teenagers to adults and senior citizens)?   Could it be because a whole lot of Blacks let them get away with it by saying and doing nothing when it’s said?   Yeah, probably so!

Why do “professionals” in the music business (and the focus is on the music industry right now only because of the unbelievably ubiquitous prominence of the N-word in hip-hop music) sit there while songs are being recorded and say nothing to educate the young hip-hoppers/rappers and even some of the R&B artists on the history of this word and why they should not use it?   Is it that these “professionals” are just as ignorant and don’t know themselves or is it that these “professionals” just don’t care?   Can it really be that the job title and money are so good that these “professionals” would just let something as detrimental to the psyche of the youth and Black people overall as the N-word continue without any type of interference?

What do “educators” say when students are in the classes, hallways, at lunch saying the N-word to one another daily and all day – do they just sit/stand there and listen and say nothing at all?   Where are the “educators” who aren’t afraid to take on an issue such as this and let the students know that using the N-word is a no-no?   Are students stuck with “educators” who are not only cowards but perhaps uneducated or undereducated themselves or is it that these “educators” just don’t care?   There must be “educators” out there who take a stand against the N-word; they have to exist somewhere.   Wherever you are, please come out.

There’s a reason why the continued use of this word is growing at such an alarming and uneasy rate.   And the reason appears to be that no one says or does anything to stop it – it’s just accepted as if it’s not a problem.   Why?  Why?   Why are people who should and do know better succumbing to a culture of silence on this issue when they would never stand for any of the other culturally insulting terms (remember:   kike, hooknose, wetback, spic, honky, cracker, paleface, peckerwood, blue-eyed devil, dago, wop, greaseball, Guinea, chink, slant-eyes, gook) to ever be used the way the N-word is used.   Don’t they realize that it is ignorant, yes IGNORANT, to not only say this term but to sit back and say nothing when it is used?   Again, why? why? why do so many people stay silent on this?   Is it because acknowledging its problematic existence means having to take action and having to admit that Black people do have a major problem with self-hatred, thus having to step out of their comfort zone (personally, professionally, and socially) and having to get “involved” with the community?   We all need to do some serious individual soul searching and self-analysis and think about what we do when the N-word is used in our presence.   Do you take action or take no action?   Why?   Why not?

Since it’s been established that the word has got to go, it’s time to take a solid stand on this issue.   At this point, the word just flows from many, many mouths way too easily.   For that reason, BN-W is taking the opposite extreme, which is to BAN IT – there is no middle ground.   Things have reached an epidemic level and we must go on an all-out campaign to bring a negative backlash to this word and get people to stop using it and to seriously take pause and hesitate before uttering, so effortlessly and flowingly, this diseased word that, at its core, developed from the enslavement of human beings here in America.   Again, remember, a term of “endearment” the N-word is not – not in the past, not in the present, and not in the future.



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