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Today marks the fourth year anniversary of BN-W!   And we want to thank our eNewsletter readers and our Web site visitors for your support over the years.   We’re also proud to announce that for the type of Web site we offer – information-based only with no selling of items – that we get thousands of visits globally each week.   Additionally, we’re thrilled to share that with the average visit to sites in general being less than 30 seconds, we get hundreds of visitors each week who are on the site for 15 minutes or more – and a substantial amount of those are online with BN-W for more than an hour.   Since one of the main goals of the site is to have people read/learn more about history by intertwining it with current events mixed in through entertainment, the statistics prove that goal is being met.

Sharing facts about world history is crucial to the crux of BN-W’s philosophy and foundation, so in celebrating our fourth year, we take this opportunity to once again highlight a few videos that we think are important to all human beings, regardless of age or lifestyle:

John Henrik Clarke:   A Great and Mighty Walk

Cheikh Anta Diop:   African Origins of Humanity

John G. Jackson:   World History and Religion

Joy DeGruy Leary:   Leary – Like It Is Interview with Gil Noble

Adelaide Sanford:   Sanford – Like It Is Interview with Gil Noble

Ivan Van Sertima:   Afrikans In Science and They Came Before Columbus

Chancellor Williams:   The Destruction of Black Civilization

[ Sam Greenlee’s  CIA-banned 1970s political thriller on Blacks and guerilla warfare:   The Spook Who Sat By The Door ]

The above videos are just a few of the excellent videos that are on the Internet and the BN-W site.   More documentation on these educators/scholars and many others can be found at BN-W: Educators/Scholars .  For links to issues and individuals related to activism/politics, including Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., visit BN-W: Activists/Freedom Fighters .

KemMiou Video  is another reliable Web site source for extensive visual footage on world history.

In closing out our fourth anniversary special, H. Lewis Smith wrote this superb essay – Black America Under Siege:  Without and Within .   In it, he writes:   “ America ‘s historic origin of the n-word is vile and infamous. It began in indignity. It began in immorality. Why would one think that its meaning could be morphed over time and take on a positive perspective?   Simple answer: It cannot. ”


BN-W Monitor Coming Soon :   “Sex and the City” [Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker]; “Wanted” [Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie]; “Hancock” [Will Smith]; and more…

Also Coming :   Part II:   Black-Jewish Relations; Music Monitors


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