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Laugh At My Pain

BN-W Says…Mediocre

Yes, n-word used at least 16 times, mostly father and son addressing each other as such!?!…

Wow, when we’re reduced to a father and son referring to each as ni*ger/a in a movie that’s expected to expand this weekend, you know we’re in trouble.   Yes, the film has a few funny moments of the prerequisite comedy sketches for Black men – money, sex, the phallus (aka penis) – but so what!   If we cannot get beyond excessive/unnecessary use of the n-word in “our” comedic acts, then guess what, the power structure that enslaved our ancestors for centuries continues WINNING.   With this film, that power structure most definitely remains intact.   Even much more insightful comedians like Richard Pryor, who also had more poignant and meaningful social commentary in his act, understood that and apologized for his unawareness related to that word.   Whether it’s a fact in your life or not, is it wise to call your dad (or any father figure) a ni*ger/a?   And at what point do you say enough is enough, let’s end the cycle of verbal abuse?   We’ve got to expect and demand more!   Kevin Hart and CODE BLACK Entertainment must do better.  You brothers have got to “represent” better than this.   And, unfortunately, this is yet another stand-up “comedy” routine where a Black man (with a bunch of Black entertainers laughing it up in the audience) recklessly, destructively, and with a total lack of historical context pushes the n-word – and that is NOT “alright, alright, alrrrright.”

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