Mission & Philosophy


Ban the N-Word (BN-W) is dedicated to presenting truth and facts on topics that include heritage and legacy to cultural, political, and social issues that focus on the rich world history from the beginning of humanity and civilization in ancient Africa to the present.  BN-W will provide this information through research, critical analysis, and a wide range of resources and references that will encourage self-empowerment through self-educating, self-study, and the development of critical thinking skills that will empower individuals to effectively transition this knowledge into the implementation and practice of community empowerment and development.


WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable to confront America’s extensive and fully established involvement in chattel slavery (free and forced human labor) for centuries;

WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable to confront the intentional miseducation (from Kindergarten through post-graduate), misinformation, and misleading of the masses through an educational system that strategically does a major injustice – with straight lies and distortion – about historical facts to all who participate in it;

WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable to confront the corporate world’s intentional global mass marketing of a negative Black image through music, song, dance, video, and comedy;

WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable to confront White supremacy/entitlement/privilege along with its legal, corporate, and government-supported foundation and cohort – institutionalized racism;

WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable (or embarrassed) to confront and acknowledge that the centuries of physical, mental, and verbal conditioning that our ancestors were forced to endure for survival as well as to maintain a system of chattel slavery here in America has continued its legacy through today, and along with the need for massive re-education we also have some extensive mental healing to do that will enable us to not only see – but to stop – the blatant manipulation by others taking place right before our very eyes; and

WE ARE NOT afraid or uncomfortable to confront those Black professionals – including educators, administrators, high-level executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, civil rights organization leaders, and the like – who are in positions to make decisions that will empower, yet time after time they not only disappoint and inevitably assist with exacerbating our problems, but they dis-empower us.  As stated by one of our favorite scholars and psychologist, Amos Wilson, these kinds of people are doing what their education has prepared them to do and that is to “put a Black face on White power and to defend White interests and you must be ignorant of history or misread it in order to play this kind of game.”  And, no, we’re not anti-White, we’re just pro-truth and pro-facts, regardless of “color.”  (Here’s a quick example of a case in point:  Do you know where the concept for the layout of this nation’s capital – Washington, D.C. – was taken from?  Hint: you won’t get the truth or facts from any of your school or course books, read Egypt on the Potomac and Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization:  Exploding the Myths Volume 1, which are both by Anthony T. Browder.)

America’s pathology is racism and centuries of a system of free and forced labor that was maintained and enforced legally not only through written laws but through law enforcement officials/agencies.  There was a steadfast implementation of the dehumanization process to justify enslavement through mental, physical, verbal, and spiritual conditioning that included massive human bondage, murder, maiming, torture, rape, pedophilia, human breeding, medical experimentation, human auctioning, separating families, castration, lynching, selling body parts, Jim Crow laws, and more.  This information on America’s past should be properly taught in school; it shouldn’t be untold or hidden or effectively silenced as it is now.  What we get instead is an educational system that chooses to “overemphasize the contributions of White Europeans and minimize the accomplishments of [so-called] minorities and largely ignores wrongs committed by Whites against others.”

With that in mind, we at BN-W can clearly see that the intended mass marketing on an international level of a negative Black image is done with the goal to undermine the many contributions of our ancient African heritage to world history and thus to the development of humanity and civilization as we know it today.  That’s why we at BN-W are dedicated to providing factual information that we hope not only teaches but motivates individuals to continue on the journey to further study through self-educating and then passing that knowledge onto others.