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This film is decent but nothing eye-catching or eye-opening.   It’s advertised as a big action thriller with a lot of intrigue and suspense but you get little of that.   There’s a lot of shooting and car chasing but why is never clear until more than halfway through the movie when you haven’t connected enough with the characters to care. Is Denzel really rogue or is he just a good guy who is tired of the corruption from all of the intelligence agencies worldwide – with the CIA leading the pack?   This film could have been much better if it detailed more of the reasons for Denzel’s character going “rogue” because the stories of government-run agencies being crooked and practically everybody within it maintaining secrets and doing anything to keep a job is so common.   It left a lot of unnecessary holes that required filling in by the audience which is never good.   Although this film had a great box office weekend, it might be time for Denzel to take a break and work on some more of his directorial passion projects, such as “The Great Debaters” and “Antwone Fisher,” or consider other biographical films – perhaps he can play Imhotep (the real father of medicine).

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