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One undoubtedly positive fact about this film is that there is no needless, reckless or excessive n-word abuse! And it’s also a decent family film that everyone can learn something from – family unity, following your dreams, domestic violence, selling out, parental regrets, and more. Overall, however, the script and acting can only be described as standard. And the lip syncing was too often noticeable. Jordin Sparks might be considered a talented singer but the same cannot be said for her acting. Other than a few slips with her English accent coming out, Carmen Ejogo is very convincing. Whitney Houston’s part was reminiscent of her The Preacher’s Wife role where the potential for a dazzling performance is there but the script is insufficient, leaving her character with a feeling of being muted somewhat. But may she rest in peace for she has certainly left the world with plenty musically. This film is definitely worthy of being checked out but it doesn’t leave an impact.

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