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Think Like A Man

BN-W Says…Mediocre

Yes, n-word used multiple times – including as “nigolo.” (Pathetic!)


This film is really just big-screen hawking and product placement of Steve Harvey’s book, which is all throughout the film along with enough mentions of his Family Feud hosting gig to remind the gullible audience about buying into what Harvey is selling! The big booty/big ass references by Black men are so old school and disrespectful! The continued needless and inexplicable use of the n-word by Black men is simply a disgrace. Meanwhile, you don’t hear one whisper of a self-defeating self-imposed derogatory racial slur by the White cast members. You don’t hear them calling themselves cracker, honky, dago, wop or anything else derogatory! And how long will these pathetic – yes pathetic – Black actors/actresses sit back and clamor for fame and fortune yet say absolutely nothing about the word ni*ger/a being in the script? And how long will Black people in positions of writers, directors, producers, executive producers do the same?

In closing, there are a few laughs as the film comes to its long overdue end with a common sense and love conquers all conclusion. But that’s not enough to conquer this lightweight and flippant film. And, ladies, avoid some of the bad advice Harvey gives in this film, especially regarding introducing your child(ren) to the men you date right away. Don’t do it!

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