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Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection

BN-W Says…Mediocre

No, n-word not used…

As noted in the February BN-W Snapshot for Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, overall this film too is the standard Perry writing with the obligatory positive messages about living your best life and ultimately doing the right thing.  Again, it would be great to report that this film was not only filled with uplifting messages but that it was also powerfully written; unfortunately that’s not the case.   We in the BN-W camp will always support Perry and his Tyler Perry Studios (TPS) because we understand the entertainment industry but he has to be willing to let go of some of the control and desire to be a “star”; he simply cannot do it all in a quality way.   It’s wonderful to turn a profit on low budget films but profit shouldn’t be the only motive at this point in TPS’ success.  There are really wonderful writers that he must seek out and give an opportunity.   It will only make his brand better.   He cannot basically rely on the praises on his message board ; constructive criticism is healthy for the mind, too. As already mentioned in the Good Deeds snapshot, TPS doing meaningful (and well written) material highlighting the abundant history of Africa is an excellent way to get started; this interview – Free Your Mind – with the late educator Dr. Asa Hilliard is superb!

As always, we applaud Perry for staying away from reckless, excessive, and needless use of the n-word, which was, is, and will forever be a derogatory racial slur.

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